Chevron Down Chevron Up The best-paying careers in California are in the management, law, computer occupations and mathematics, and health care practitioners occupations, according to BLS data. Chevron Down Chevron Up In addition to the jobs listed in this article, the fastest-growing careers in California also include several occupations from technology, business, and health care. Some of the best-paying careers are also some of the ones that have seen the most rapid job growth from 2019 through 2029, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics projections.

This research found the jobs with the fastest-growing salaries above $100,000 are mostly STEM occupations, with over half of the 25 top-rated careers being science- or math-based. This study examined six-figure occupations with the highest average annual wage growth rates over the period 2016-2019 using data published from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupational employment statistics data set. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), we present information about jobs and industries projected to have the highest growth rates from 2019 to 2029.

Within health care, the job sector for personal and household services is projected to grow the fastest, at a 3.3% annual rate. Overall, employment is projected to increase by 168.8 million over the next 10 years, or 6 million jobs. Demand for surgical skills is also expected to keep growing as the American population continues to age, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects as many as 10,000 new surgeons to be hired in the next decade.

The hiring outlook is bright for physician assistants, with new jobs expected to grow 30 percent in the coming years, according to a new CareerCast report. The hiring outlook for math majors is relatively solid, with the field expected to grow by 21 percent in the coming years, according to CareerCast. The job outlook for statisticians is expected to increase in the coming decade, with a particularly strong outlook for those with strong data analytics skills, advanced statistics knowledge, and expertise in modelling or computer programming.

Increasing 15 times faster than other occupations, wind turbine maintenance technicians, or wind technicians, are projected to be the fastest-growing job in the coming decade. The only profession that is expected to see the fastest total wage growth over the next decade is wind turbine service technicians, according to researchers with the BLS. The professions with the highest wage growth are not necessarily the highest-paying jobs in America, but represent roles employers need to fill, and are willing to raise salaries to draw candidates, according to a new report by CareerCast.

That is because roles in health care, like anesthesiologists or surgeons, and some high-level corporate roles, such as ad managers, now pay the highest annual salaries in the U.S., and are also among the highest-demand jobs. Some of the fastest-growing health care jobs include nurse practitioners, physical therapist assistants, and physician assistants. The professions at the top of the list below are a mixture of healthcare, finance, skilled trades, and business jobs, with one technology occupation thrown in for good measure.

To help with your preparation, heres a sampling of the top six most-growing, best-paying jobs that do not require college degrees. The top six most-growing, best-paying jobs that do not require college degrees (in arbitrary order). While of course, there is no way to guarantee that you will choose the right career, this list of fastest-growing occupations is expected to experience lots of growth in the coming years, with plenty of jobs available. This visualization, which is focused on the 20 fastest-growing job markets, allows you to easily compare the top growing careers, how much money they earn, and their expected growth in the coming decade.

While the careers listed above could represent more than 2 million jobs going forward, keep in mind they are just predictions. As you review the list, remember these jobs are expected to experience tremendous growth until 2026 (well beyond the 7% current average) and provide decent average salaries for those with five years of work experience or less. We lumped three jobs related to nursing into this list because all of them share similar levels of expected growth.

Insiders included only jobs paying at least $41,950, which is the median salary across occupations, since we are interested in jobs that are both expected to grow and also pay well. Insider was interested in looking at jobs that pay well, but that could also see a lot of added jobs in the coming decade. To find jobs offering that perfect mix of high-paying and growing, CNBC Made It dug into Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find professions paying workers over $100,000 per year that are expected to grow 10 percent or more between now and 2026.

The highest-paid professionals in this field benefited from pay jumps of 59 percent, information security analysts typically need a degree in computer science or related fields, and a masters in business or computer systems. Most workers in the field hold bachelors degrees in computer science or a related field, and they can also majored in business. To be a manager in the field of computers and information systems, you typically need a bachelors degree in computing, along with several years of relevant job experience.

To become a manager of learning and development, you need a Bachelors degree or Masters degree, along with some related work experience. Although statistical analysts typically require a masters degree in statistics, mathematics, or another quantitative field, a bachelors degree might suffice for entry-level jobs, whereas a PhD will probably be needed for research and academic jobs in the field. Because sales engineers require a thorough understanding of scientific, technical, and engineering principles in order to do their jobs successfully, candidates generally need at least a bachelors degree in engineering to get their feet in the door (although some opportunities will require a masters degree).

The average annual mean wage growth for the 25 highest-paying occupations by salary growth is 2.8%, while the average annual mean wage of the top 25 highest-paying, six-figure jobs by salary growth was $128,878 in 2019.